Alexander Stine


"Alexander Stine is delightful as Master Merrythought, who wants nothing to spoil his mirth. From his entrance on a vehicle much too small to accommodate his large frame to his music-making with a pair of puppets,
he is energy personified.
- Mark Lord, Queens Chronicle

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"The eclectic choices and contemporary touches, performed with great skill
(notably by the comedically talented Alexander Stine).
- Elfin Vogel,

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"Standouts among the cast include Alexander Stine as the obnoxiously merry, always singing, and surprisingly wise Master Merrythought". - Byrne Harrison,

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"Another standout is Master Merrythought (Stine), who enters wearing a scarlet fez, on a tiny tricycle, in huge glasses that cover half his face. He bellows/sings his lines, or gives his lines to his handpuppets. The reviewer could only wonder, “Who is this chap?”".
- Arlene McKanic,

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