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  Andreadis SAG - AFTRA
HEIGHT 6’1 ½” New York, NY
WEIGHT 185 lbs Manager: Rosella Olson Management
HAIR Dark Brown 212.864.0336 ~


The Servant of 2 Masters Pantalone Secret Theatre/Alberto Bonilla, dir.
The Knight of the Burning Pestle Master Merrythought Secret Theatre/Richard Mazda, dir.
Macbeth Lenox Secret Theatre/Alberto Bonilla, dir.
Macbeth 1st Murderer/Angus/et al Secret Theatre/Richard Mazda, dir.
Dia de los Muertos Brodie/Coffer/Moco/et al Teatro Latea/Alberto Bonilla, dir.

       +Best of 2011 - Indie Theater Now, Martin Denton

One Night (tour) Will Equalogy, Inc/Heather Dyas-Fried, dir.
Stairway to Hell Manny the Manager/Heckler REBEL/Chris Krovatin, dir.

       +Official Selection for Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Production Manager

Stairway to Hell Heckler/Rocker Guy Snitch/Randy Weiner, dir.
Gymnos: A Geek Tragedy Jacked Up/Axel Yoga/et al HERE Arts Center/Adyana De La Torre, dir.
Wildflower (staged reading) Michael Hudson Film Group/Garry Pastore, dir.
Much Ado About Nothing Verges Secret Theatre/Richard Mazda, dir.
Titus Andronicus Martius/2nd Goth/Caius Secret Theatre/Rich Ferraioli, dir.
Richard III (fight captain) Brackenbury/Blunt Secret Theatre/Alberto Bonilla, dir.
Richard III Lord Hastings The American Globe Theater/John Basil, dir.
WWJD? Nathan Chain Theater/Marc Castle, dir.
Campaign for Murder Nick NY Dinner Theatre/Bill Primavera, dir.
Disjointed Love Shorts Don Wannabe/Mr. Bonersaratra Ticket 2 Eternity/Lindsay B. Davis, dir.
Ear Buds Josh Manhattan Repertory Theater/Elfin Vogel, dir.
Bones The Lamb Theatre Studio, inc./Jasmine Rivera, dir.
Dracula: Case of the Silver Scream Detective Abe Van Helsing Langworthy Theatre/David Grapes II, dir.
Bleacher Bums Marvin Little Theatre of the Rockies/David Grapes II, dir.
Death and the Maiden Roberto Langworthy Theatre/Matt Lang, dir.
Apollo & Cassandra (Tantalus) Tyndarius/Poet/Peleus Union Colony CC/Anna Lydon, dir.
Bus Stop Will Masters Norton Theatre/Amanda Earls, dir.
The Tempest Boatswain Langworthy Theatre/David Grapes II, dir.
A View from the Bridge Louis Langworthy Theatre/Thomas McNally, dir.


Boardwalk Empire s05e07) Co-Star HBO/Allen Coulter, dir.
The Mysteries of Laura (pilot) Co-star (w/Debra Messing) Warner Bros for NBC/McG, dir.
The Last American Guido Supporting 2nd and Brunswick Prod/Vito LaBruno, dir
Malorie's Final Score Featured Belladonna Prod/Stephan Littger, dir.
CLUBSCENE Cal/Co-Star Adriano Valentini, dir.
Nate Silver's Analysis of your Failing Relationship Supporting B-Reel/Miles Jay, dir.
i Married a Monster Co-Star Discovery ID/Kevin Kaufman, dir.
Kaiius (webseries) Series Lead Breakvisions/Chris Costa, dir.
The Working Dead Series Regular Ambitious Media/Charlie Zwick, dir.
9 Planets from Outer Space (webseries) Series Regular Evil Elevator Prod/Neill Shaughness, dir.
Improv Everywhere COPPER 1860's Bar Prank Guest Lead BBC America/Charlie Todd, dir.
Cool Japan Featured NHK Japan
Oddjobs (webseries) Series Regular Breakvisions/Chris Costa, dir.
Altus Supporting Breakvisions/Chris Costa, dir.
Teamwork Like Wolves (webseries) Guest Star Jason Baldwin, dir.
Single Servings Guest Star Jessica McVay, dir.
Lachrymal Lead Nardeep Khurmi, dir.
Slings and Arrows Supporting Framework Prod/Steven Pierce, dir.
Fridgeloose Lead Freckled Hammer and Outlaw Company
Life in the Fast Layne (Pilot) Narrator Gutshot Entertainment
StartUP (pilot) Under 5 Plywood Pictures/Brendan Choisnet, dir.
Last Meal Lead Dylan Marshall, dir.


Acting:  *Thomas McNally - Hagen, Meisner, Scene Study, Directing   *Charlotte Guyette - Ibsen, Shaw, Chekov    *Tracy Salter - Shakespeare, Greek, Improv    *Ken Womble On-Camera   *Alberto Bonilla - Clown

Voice:  *Gary Logan - Shakespeare   *Alex Ryer - Linklater   *Tracy Salter - Linklater, Shakespeare, Dialects, IPA

Movement:  *Tracy Salter - Laban   *Dr. Karen Genoff-Campbell - Laban, Alexander, Prat-Falls

B.A. in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in acting from the University of Northern Colorado’s School of Theatre


Stage combat: pratfalls, unarmed, spear, staff, and broadsword, EXTREMELY proficient in dialects (Irish, German, New York, British: RP & Cockney, Southern, Indian, French, Mexican), impersonations, jokes, yo-yo, origami, hackey-sack, proficient with nunchaku, knife throwing, rollerblading, ice skating, roller hockey, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, darts, billiards, excellent driver (valid license, stick and auto), firearms: rifle, pistol, & shotgun, NRA certified in gun safety, graphic design, Star Wars expert, GEEK extraordinaire, will shave entire head.

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